Remodeling Tips—Window Placement

Window Ideas to Improve Any Homereplacement windows

There are two basic angles to consider when choosing new or replacement windows. Each window should help create a sense of balance and harmony inside the room—and what’s outside plays an equal role in the success of the window as any interior decorating.

Door Placement

Once doors are in place, deciding where to place windows becomes easier. The doors should not block the windows, even when swung open all the way—in fact, there should be a bit of space (at least a few inches) between the extended door and the start of the window.

Home Design Questions

What is the room mainly used for?

Who spends time in it, and what are they doing (sitting, standing at a counter)?

If the windows are going in an office, where is the desk located?

Does the main occupant of the room like to face the window while working?

Is the furniture for the room already purchased?

Tip: If a certain bookcase or table will only fit in one place, that spot may be off-limits for a window. Likewise, if a kitchen sink is going in a specific place, a window might be perfect right above that.

Natural Light

natural light window

South-facing windows provide more light than windows in any other direction, but even if the room faces north, windows can bring in a tremendous amount of light. Suppose there is a living room wall with two small to medium sized windows on the long, outside wall. To bright the space and make it feel larger, consider installing a third, large picture window in the middle of the wall.

Hiding a Bad View

If only part of the view is bad—a telephone pole with hanging wires, for instance—one option is to plant a tree or bush just outside the window, covering half or two thirds of the view (wherever the offending object is). If the entire view is unpleasant, plant directly outside the window, covering the whole view.

Planning for New Window Installation

Before making a final decision about window placement, put tape on the inside wall where you image the window. Leave the tape there for a few days and consider what effect clearing that space has on the rest of the room. Do family members find themselves facing the taped “window,” or is it out of sight of most activity.

Tip: Remember, the window should add pleasure and light to the house, and it should be placed where it will best suit the needs of the inhabitants. Don’t worry too much about style guides—windows should complement the lifestyle of the people living in the space.

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